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Welcome to Schaeffler's Tradeshift Network

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new e-invoicing platform, Tradeshift. You as our supplier will now have the possibility to provide your invoice data to Schaeffler without any additional cost.

In the age of digitalization, we will use this new technology in order to establish an efficient way to exchange invoice data and to ensure the invoice processing in time.

A wide range of capabilities can be used to provide your invoice data to Schaeffler. These capabilities range from using the Web-platform to a full integration with your accounting system. Furthermore, this service is free of charge to you and the connection can be done within a few minutes.

This page contains valuable information in order to learn about e-invoicing, Tradeshift, and getting started.

Both Schaeffler and Tradeshift are committed to supporting your company with this transition with communication, training, and email support.

We look forward to working with you on the new platform and creating additional value in our relationships with you going forward.


Roswitha Kappeller
Schaeffler, CFO Europe

Uwe Halbing
Schaeffler, CFO Americas

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Benefits of using Tradeshift

Tradeshift increases invoicing accuracy and improves visibility to the payment process and status through an easy-to-use web-based platform.


Send free invoices

Create invoices that are simple and professional quickly and easily



Environmentally friendly invoicing



Visibility into the invoicing process

Validation Rules

Validation rules have been set up by Schaeffler to reduce the number of queries relating to invoices which can delay payments.

These rules ensure that all necessary information is included on your invoices.

Details of the rules for Schaeffler can be found here.

E-invoicing Schaeffler

For a definition of what constitutes a legal invoice on Tradeshift, click here.

Click here to see a list of FAQs that Schaeffler and Tradeshift have generated for you.

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