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    What can I do, if the company in my Purchase Order has a different address than the one on Tradeshift?

    158 1 Created on 2022-01-10 10:27:27; Last updated on 2022-07-01 13:01:39

    Please note that each Schaeffler company is only registered once on Tradeshift.

    For this reason, it may happen that a Schaeffler company is indicated on your order with a different address than on Tradeshift.

    Nevertheless, send the invoices to the specified Schaeffler company, even if the address in your order differs from the address in Tradeshift.

    An example for this case is Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG. This company has the following address stored on Tradeshift:

    Georg Schäfer Str. 30, 97421 Schweinfurt.

    Even if in your order Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG is stated with a different address, such as Industriestr. 1-3, 77815 Bühl, the invoices must be sent to the company stored in Tradeshift with the address in Schweinfurt.

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